Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is Just a Tribute

Last night I had two fantastic ideas: The first was an idea for an amazing blog entry, and the second was to write a reminder to myself so I wouldn't forget the idea. Well, the first was forgotten and the second was ignored.

Most reasonable people, in a situation like this, would simply move forward, come up with something new, maybe even better. We here at JakeyPen take great pride in doing things just a little differently. We know visit each and every day to find that unique JakeyPen style you won't find anywhere else. When you click the JakeyPen link in your list of bookmarks, you can be sure that you're on your way to nothing but the finest rambling about about blogging you'll find anywhere, on any blog. Hand-picked, fresh-squeezed nonsense, straight to your browser. Only the finest quality claptrap - that's our promise to you.

I've been sitting here for hours trying to remember what I was planning on writing about. I was seriously pumped about it. I thought it was going to be the post that would save this blog.

So far, my best guess for this forgotten subject is "something about LaserDiscs."

One more day until Spring Break.

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