Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stalking Made Easy

You know that creepy thing Google has that lets you virtually roam the streets and look through people's windows? It's been updated to include my current town of residence.

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I'm not going to be pointing out where I live, but there are really only two other places where I go, excluding grocery stores. Wow. My life is pathetic. Anyway, above, behind the trees and 7-Eleven, is the DigiPen "Main Campus." Below, in the middle third of the part of the building you can see, is the "Art Campus."

Some of the pathways in the area are a little wonky (particularly around the Main Campus/Nintendo area), but for those of you who are my mom and would like to see where you sent your son, it may be... well, not interesting, but... minimally boring.

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(This one is zoomed in - you'll need to zoom out before you can move)

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