Sunday, March 22, 2009

Those Sponges and Soaps are Like Shackles and Ropes

I have this problem. Maybe not so much a problem - let's face it; I'm pretty much flawless - but more of a quirk, I suppose.

See, I have an incredible tolerance for repetition, and I can eat more or less the same meal every day of my life. Most days I boil a pot of noodles, set the noodles to the side, then use the pot to stir fry some vegetables. I've probably been doing this for the last five years, and the groceries I buy tend to follow the assumption that this will be my primary food for the coming week.

The trouble is, I only own two pots, and they get used quickly. I also hate hand-washing dishes. I'm not sure what that's about but I avoid hand-washing at all costs. I have a dishwasher, a huge machine with no purpose beyond washing the dishes for me.

So here's the aforementioned "problem." I don't want to wash my dishes, I have and use so few dishes that it takes a while for the dishwasher to be filled, and I need my most frequently used dishes in order to make my most frequently eaten meal. To break it down a little more simply, my pots are dirty and I won't clean them.

I went to the kitchen to make dinner several hours ago. My pots are dirty. So I walked away. I went back a little later. Pots are still dirty. This time, I managed to find some lunchy leftovers in the fridge. I ate that. It wasn't much. I'm still going to need a real dinner. I need to use more dishes before the dishwasher will be full enough to justify running it. Pots need to be clean before I can use them.

This happens to me a few times a week.

Obvious solutions? Plenty. Odds I will employ any of them? Slim.

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Anonymous said...

bum bum bum
dishes like to dirty
they never wanna be clean
-sister jack

Anonymous said...

dishes like to be dirty**
they never like to be clean**
sorry i messed up

Jake said...

For shame.