Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shine On, You Crazy Button

Well, well, well, I do believe it's time for a Shiny Buttons update. As you may have gathered from my uncharacteristic brevity, I barely managed to sneak in a blog post yesterday. I really thought I might finally miss a day, but I forced myself to make an effort, and as a result, I'm still in the running for the Gold Button.

I mention this because while I narrowly managed not to miss yesterday, not one, but two challengers failed to post. Here are the new standings:



Update: Another on bit the dust.
Update Update: Jaime celebrated her birthday by losing the challenge.
Update x3: Vera lost this friggin' challenge so hard.


Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with anything, but it's darn cute

-sister jack

Jaime said...

That was my first OOps! Not my second!

Jake said...

No, Jaime, it was not.