Thursday, March 26, 2009

I HOPE This Is a Joke. I FEAR It Is Not.

Update: The video I embedded before was pulled from YouTube. I've replaced it.


Anonymous said...

Produced by Tom Hanks?

Jake said...

Tom Hanks is a cool guy, and I love that they've chosen to use physical costumes instead of CG, and even the song in this trailer ("Wake Up" by The Arcade Fire) is awesome. But this movie should not be. Why can't we just leave classic books alone?

Previous picture books-turned-movies produced by Tom Hanks: "The Ant Bully" and "The Polar Express." Ugh.

Jaime said...

A bunch of friends have linked to this recently saying how cool it looks, but I only just watched it. I knew a movie was in the works for some time, but this doesn't look like a kids' movie, even.

No thanks.

Jake said...

Yeah, after my original link broke down and I went searching for a new one, I found a bunch of sites saying the same thing. Having formed my opinion before hearing anyone else's, all I can say is, "Eww."

Anonymous said...

I like your title.

-sister jack