Monday, March 2, 2009

Come With Me and You'll See a World of Pure Imagination

I'm excited about this. has been kind enough to upload several pictures from inside Nintendo of America. It's a small area, and the close-up focus of most of these pictures means that they're leaving quite a bit of this area out, but it's nice to finally be able to show you guys where I used to work. I can't wait for summer so I can apply again.

I used come in here almost every day during my lunch break. I'd spend eight hours a day testing video games, but I'm not strong enough to resist the allure of Donkey Kong, perhaps with a bit of Contra or Super Mario Bros. 3 on the side, followed by a quick perusal of the Fun & Games store.


Anonymous said...

Beat the crowds -APPLY NOW

Jake said...

It's still about two months until I'm out of school. I was in the first round of applicants last summer, as well as the first round of hires, so I'm not too worried about timing from my side. The trouble last summer was just that they didn't need anyone for the first month or so after the semester ended.