Sunday, March 8, 2009

Won the Race But Lost Your Mind

I think I'm finished with the Internet. The two of us a through. Splitsville, Daddy-o. I'm so tired of being able to know anything instantly.

Obviously, you can't undo the Web - there's no Ctrl-Z for history - and, of course, there's plenty to love about it. But don't you ever wish you could go back to a time when every answer wasn't waiting for you in the machine on your desk? And now with cell phones, it's all right there in your pocket. And so we've harnessed the power of the gods and what do we do?

I think my earlier sickness has passed, but I started wondering if Superman ever gets sick, or if he has a Super Immune System. I looked up "superman sick," and the first result was fan fiction. I revised my search.

Not only did I immediately find several relevant answers, but a search for "superman immune system" returned 558,000 results. I do not need this. You do not need this.

What does this say about the status of the human race?

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