Monday, March 9, 2009


As a pregnant person, there's nothing unusual about me having strange cravings, but this is one I've had every few years for a while now, even before I was with child: Yogi Bear Capri Sun.

Remarkably, this seems to one of the only things I can't find online. There are, like, one or two references on message boards where people say, "oh yeah i remeber those" or "yogi bear caprisun was awsome lol," but not much more. No images. No tribute pages. No petitons to bring it back.

It's not like stupid old Ecto-Cooler. Man, everyone thinks it's cool to be nostalgic about Ecto-Cooler. Pictures? Sure. Tributes? No problem. Petitions? Regular or menthol?

But Yogi Bear Capri Sun gets no love, and to be honest, I don't think it deserves any. It wasn't that good. Like all varieties of Capri Sun, it was nothing more than water with a slightly fruity/chemical-y taste. I remember it disinctly, and I can assure you it tasted nothing like Yogi Bear.

But it had Yogi and Boo Boo on the label and aparently contained some habit-forming substance and now my bady needs it and there's nothing I can do.

It's sad, but not nearly as sad as this: while looking for pictures or references, I went to Yogi's Wikipedia page, where I learned the residents of Jellystone are getting the semi-live-action Alvin & the Chimpmunks treatment. Why? Oh, why?!


Nor said...

hey, ecto-cooler was awesome. don't hate.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember this stuff. But Ecto-Cooler was lime-crap flavored. Emphasis on crap.